Letter: Leakey's the one

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Sir: Kenya today is like France just before Napoleon Bonaparte took power almost two centuries ago. The people are exhausted and fearful of their leader's terror, suspicious of each other, scared of rampant crime and despondent about their children's future. The country needs a superman: a resolute leader who will restore legality, transparency and direction in government and administration. He will be somebody who will command the respect and trust of the vast majority. Right now only one man fits this bill: Dr Richard Leakey.

As an African (and Kenyan), albeit a white one, Leakey understands the "African mind". Africans need strong and inspired leadership, not the ruthless tyrannies they have known under various dictators - Mobutu, Bokassa, Amin, Moi.

Dr Leakey is headstrong, decisive and purposeful. His iron will, personal authority and moral commitment will command and inspire respect while instilling discipline and a work ethic in a society that has for the past 15 years been led by an increasingly erratic, confused and indecisive despot. Dr Leakey's party, Safina, is a clarion call for deliverance from the rising tidal waves of corruption, exploitation and bloodshed that Moism has bestowed on an erstwhile promised land.

Yours faithfully,

Milton N Gatabaki