Letter: Learning is for a lifetime: A selection of readers' letters from the overwhelming response to our 10-point plan for recovery

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Sir: In recent years 'education and training' has become a short- term convenient cliche to which many politicians have only paid lip service. Many who might make excellent teachers never consider the possibility.

There is no national encouragement, let alone yearning, for formal life-long learning. Without it our manufacturing industry will continue to decline and our young will become increasingly disillusioned. May I add the following to your list:

1. The Government recognises the vital importance of life-long learning and ensures that the appropriate financial resources are available.

2. The Government recognises the importance of a high-calibre teaching profession with ways of life and values that others admire and respect.

3. The Government does not flinch from ensuring that these long-term investments take place through direct taxation, or perhaps by the introduction of a National Adult Learning Contribution similar to the National Insurance Contribution with both an employer and an employee component.

Yours sincerely,


Professor of Biochemistry

Brunel University