Letter: Lesbian mothers and the chequered flag

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Sir: Maggie Brown ('Auntie won't go bopping', 15 July) writes: 'I'm sure two lesbians can bring up a baby satisfactorily . . . (but) a mother and father can provide a variety of role models . . . which can enrich and motivate children.'

This was inspired by Damon Hill's mention of his late father's ambition spurring him into Formula One racing.

Far be it from me to place any kind of value on such an expensive, wasteful sport. But surely it's a sport which at least one of a 'parental' lesbian couple is more than capable (were she to bother) of excelling at, and inspiring her offspring?

Is it inconceivable that a lesbian couple can provide a variety of role models? Are all straight couples inspiring? What was the main thrust behind this piece? Are lesbians inferior child-rearers? I think Ms Brown should put her cards on the table.

For the record, the lesbian community, if there is such a thing, has a track record for producing inspiring tennis-players, world-class musicians and even Blue Peter presenters. Admittedly there are no Formula One racers, but the woman who took me to Paddington by mini-cab last weekend is almost there. Yours faithfully,


London, N10