Letter: Less than total recall

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Sir: A product recall notice issued by Sainsbury's appeared in the Independent on 12 November. It concerned some snack salami that may have been contaminated. The nature of the contamination was not given.

Finding some of the product in my refrigerator, I followed the directions in the warning notice and returned it to the Bath branch of Sainsbury's. It was of some concern to me that the officials I met with had no knowledge of the recall notice. The product was still on sale in the store.

Several conclusions can be drawn from this. The obvious one is a breakdown in communications with, I suppose, certain potential health implications. Of more concern is the effectiveness of product recall notices. Surely more than one person in this area eats snack salami and reads the Independent, or any other paper that must have carried the warning? Incidentally, the personnel at the store, although obviously at a loss to explain the incident, were charming and refunded my money.

Yours faithfully,


Rode, Somerset