Letter: Lessons from the world's poor

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Sir: Although it is important for charities to appeal to individual consciences by showing images of starving children and homeless refugees in order to encourage generous giving (Letters, 23 May), it is equally important that there should be a balanced picture of how people live in developing countries. I welcome the recent emphasis being given by, for instance, Save the Children Fund and VSO to showing positive images of these people.

Our group is preparing a display entitled 'A New Look at the Third World' to be shown in the church tent at the Royal Bath & West Agricultural Show from 2 to 5 June. We have concentrated on the four themes of community, co-operation, creativity and celebration and have gathered together colourful representations of these aspects of life from all over the developing world. Under each section we ask an appropriate question, 'How can we share together?' etc.

In this country we are in danger of losing many of the good things of life revealed in these photographs: the support of the extended family, respect for and care of the elderly at home, joy in simple things. As well as having much to give to alleviate suffering in the world, we also have much to learn from the very people we seek to help.

Yours sincerely,


Executive Secretary

The Diocese of Bath and Wells

Zambia and Overseas Group

Wells, Somerset

24 May