Letter: Let Britain defend the Kurds- not turn a blind eye to killing

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From Mr Hugh Livingstone

Sir: The Kurdish "safe haven" created by the allies has turned out to be merely a reservation for the containment of the stateless who threaten instability. Once again, the people of the region have been sacrificed to wider regional interests. Tragically, both Kurds and Iraqis are suffering from the post-Gulf war solution imposed by the allies.

The rest of the Kurdish autonomous region is being torn apart by rioting between the KDP and PUK parties, and throughout all of Iraq the agony of sanctions continues - bringing far more suffering to the people than the worst excesses of the regime. A man-made famine and the collapse of the healthcare system have added to the day-to-day misery of people who are unable to rebuild their lives after the destruction and terror of the Gulf War.

During my visit to Iraq last November, I asked many Iraqis what they wanted from Britain - overwhelmingly, they asked for no more "help" from the West: simply an end to the suffering that the Gulf war, sanctions and containment have brought ordinary people in Iraq, whether Kurdish or Arab.

Yours faithfully,


Exhibitions Coordinator

The Edge Gallery

London, SE1

22 March