Letter: Let Kosovo defend itself

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AS SERB paramilitary forces ignite the "tinder box of the Balkans", Kosovo, a Belgrade strategy instigated by President Slobodan Milosevic is now in full swing. The fact that Milosevic is acting now, rather than later, bears witness to the growing force of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) led by Bujar Bukoshi. Arms and money have been, during the past two years, secretly pouring into the KLA organisation, principally from supporters in Switzerland, on the understanding that Kosovo will not be another Bosnia. That is, where an arms embargo was placed on the effective arming of Bosnian Muslims.

Serb paramilitaries, and now regular units of the Serb army under direct instructions from Milosevic, will be met by an indigenous force. The international community should not attempt to tie its hands.


London E1