LETTER : Let tsars and princes reign once more

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From Mr Donald Foreman

Sir: In his article of 5 September ("Royal nostalgia blossoms for the murdered tsar") Steve Crawshaw is mistaken in thinking that interest in Russia's imperial past is mere nostalgia. Russian monarchist groups report growing support for restoring the monarchy as the best means of giving the country the stability of a figurehead above the turmoil of politics. The appreciation of monarchy's advantages also exists in countries which made up the former Russian empire. The Georgian royal family is presently visiting Tbilisi. They have been given a warm welcome by President Schevardnadze, and the Foreign Minister said: "There is no doubt Georgia needs stability and internal cohesion, something which monarchy could provide." One of the young princes will be taking up resident in Georgia to learn the language and prepare himself for a future role there.

Yours faithfully,

Donald Foreman


The Monarchist League

London, WC1

6 September