Letter: Let turbines top city towers

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Let turbines top city towers

Sir: The ideal site for wind turbines is neither in our National Parks nor out at sea ("Friends oppose blot on Wordsworth landscape", 3 February). It is on the roofs of high buildings in our cities.

Each building would sell the electricity it generated, to offset its own fuel bills. The only problem is one of safety: turbine blades occasionally break off in stormy weather. The solution is to fit them with restraining wires, so that when this happens they do not fall on to the streets below.

Imagine the scene: Canary Wharf Tower itself, all the skyscrapers in the Square Mile and the Barbican, the Shell building, the Millbank Tower, Centre Point even, all with propellers spinning round on top. Best of all would be a turbine atop each of Battersea Power Station's chimneys, restoring that grand building to its original use.


London SW14