LETTER: Let us leave Stonehenge in peace

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From Mr Simon Poulter

Sir: Earlier this year I purported to be a company called "UK Ltd" and proposed to turn Stonehenge into a theme park, complete with Hengeburger Restaurant, Bluntstone characters and eight lanes of motorway directly into the monument (covered in the Independent, 3 March 1995). This was part of a conceptual artwork designed to expose some of the excesses of privatisation.

Naturally I was intrigued to read King Arthur Pendragon's views (7 November) on the future of the stones. May I add that in marketing the stones as a major new European theme park, I encountered only one letter of objection. The rest either requested the prospectus or simply wanted to buy into it. From this one can only deduce that modern Britons value market freedom over spirituality.

Yours sincerely

Simon Poulter

Bridport, Dorset