LETTER: Let us leave Stonehenge in peace

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From Mr Robin Butterell

Sir: King Arthur Pendragon's feelings about Stonehenge (Another View, 7 November) deserve serious consideration, particularly his comparison with Avebury.

As one who has driven up and down the A303 for many years in all weather and at all times of the year, I favour one solution - and this is not the solution proposed by the National Trust and English Heritage (report, 10 November). The A303 is free of roundabouts from its junction with the M3 near Basingstoke until it reaches Amesbury. Continue this situation from here to the west with a new southern route in a cutting, and a "cut and cover" tunnel where it passes the stones, rejoining the existing double- tracked A303 to the west of Winterbourne Stoke. The stones could then be returned to a peaceful and open landscape with no "commercial" appendages.

If these must be, let them be placed in a new underground centre at the junction of the A360 and the new southern route. Light it with a simple glass pyramid - like the Louvre in Paris?

Yours faithfully,

Robin Butterell