Letter: Let's not forget Turks

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ROBERT FISK ("Turks to turn monks' cells into hotel", 20 December) no doubt points to certain disturbing facts, but generally views everything through the prism of Armenian and Greek Cypriot propaganda.

There is not one nation on earth that hasn't been involved in some form and degree of genocide. Some academics, journalists and members of the European Parliament, who seem to be suffering from an acute blindness towards certain facts, repeatedly highlight the sufferings of Armenians or Greek Cypriots but fail to mention the crimes unleashed on hundreds of thousands of Turks by Armenian "Tashnaks" prior to the ordeals of 1915, and the terrifying atrocities committed by the Greek expeditionary forces in the Marmara region during their invasion of Turkey in 1919.

The extermination of Turkish Cypriots is seldom mentioned or recognised. They should perhaps read HS Gibbons's Genocide Files.