Letter: Letter: Reforming macho police culture

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Sir: You will be aware that two industrial tribunal cases involving allegations of sexual harassment within the West Yorkshire Police have attracted much speculation and adverse comment. To redress the balance somewhat, I quote from the judgment in the case involving PC Brennan and PC Bridle.

We are satisfied that from 1989 onwards the West Yorkshire Police has consistently followed a policy of presentation, education and training with regard to matters of discrimination both racial and sexual ...West Yorkshire Police went to considerable lengths to ensure that any member of the force who might feel that he or she was subject to discrimination, whether racial or sexual, had an avenue of complaint. Further it was made abundantly clear to officers that any such complaints would be treated most seriously.

I would also take the opportunity to commend the courage shown by colleagues of the officers involved in this case who have testified in very trying and testing times.


Assistant Chief Constable, Personnel

West Yorkshire Police