Letter: Lib Dem policy

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Sir: Donald Macintyre says (25 September) that Liberal Democrats need to "grow up" over electoral reform and asserts that STV does not have the "merest ghost of a chance" of becoming the agreed system of PR.

It may be that many MPs are unable to see the value to the country and to democracy of STV, out of short-term self- interest or a desire to ensure that power is kept in the hands of party political hierarchies. This does not mean that an independent commission will be so prejudiced nor that the people, if given the chance, will not see the merits of STV.

STV gives the voter choice, it ensures that most voters will have an MP whom they support (instead of most people having an MP for whom they did not vote), it does not put the appointment of MPs into the hands of party officials compiling lists and it would produce a parliament of members reflecting the views, aspirations and priorities of this country.

A D Hoadley


East Sussex