Letter: Lib Dems attack Michael Howard

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Sir: Labour was not the only party speaking for victims of crime in Folkestone and Hythe yesterday ("Tea and sympathy for victims who live in Howard's back yard", 26 April). Liberal Democrats in a packed meeting in Hythe town hall attacked Michael Howard for cutting criminal injuries compensation.

Victims of crime have learnt that there is no such thing as a free tax cut. We argued that a home secretary trying to control crime by sentences alone is like a golfer who drives off the tee with his putter. You cannot sentence criminals unless you can catch them first.

You say Michael Howard's majority is "unassailable", I spent yesterday watching Liberal Democrats assailing it with skill and determination. It is no more unassailable than Nigel Lawson was before Mrs Thatcher fired him.


Liberal Democrat

Social Security spokesperson

House of Lords

London SW1