Letter: Lib Dems lack green vision

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Sir: The Lib Dem manifesto may be the "greenest ever produced by any major party in Britain", (Trevor Brown, letter, 7 April) but it still lacks crucial elements of a truly green vision.

There are no specific targets to reduce traffic levels or to boost recycling and reuse. There are no specific targets to cut many forms of waste and pollution. There is no commitment to introduce environmental rights for all citizens or to review the roads programme.

It is worth pointing out that "Don Foster's" Road Traffic Reduction Bill was actually drafted by the Green Party and Friends of the Earth, not the Lib Dems.

Perhaps most importantly, in their obsession with economic growth based on quantity not quality, none of the main parties has set the target of a 50-60 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions urgently required to stabilise global warming.

If you want to join a green party, join the Green Party!


Southampton Green Party