Letter: 'Liberator' row

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Sir: Your article, 'Liberator unleashes diplomatic row', which appeared in later editions on 12 August, contains a number of inaccuracies.

The exhibition 'Unbound: Possibilities in Painting' at the Hayward Gallery, which included work by Juan Davila, was not an exhibition of modern Chilean artists but one which explored the development of contemporary painting and included work by a dozen international artists. It was not funded by the Chilean Education Ministry and had no connection with the Chilean government. None of the postcards on sale at the Hayward Gallery showed the image of Simon Bolivar which has caused offence.

In 1989 the Hayward Gallery staged an exhibition devoted to Latin American art which included many paintings which showed the important role played by Simon Bolivar in Latin American history. We not only aim to show remarkable art, we also aim to be fair.

Yours faithfully,


Senior Curator

Hayward Gallery

London, SE1

12 August