Letter: Library security

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Sir: I refer to the letter from Sarah Anderson (2 October) about security at the new British Library. The library has always taken security very seriously and will continue to do so in our new building. Some unfortunate misunderstanding appears to have occurred during Ms Anderson's visit.

Security plans for the new library are well advanced and, as part of this, readers will be required to deposit bags, coats and other possessions in a cloakroom before entering the reader zone of the building. Additionally, there will be a member of the security staff at the exit of all reading rooms to carry out searches as readers leave, much as at present.

The building will also have a range of modern security systems in operation. Security measures will be regularly reviewed as we occupy this new cultural centre, and advice taken from experts in this field.

Yours faithfully,


Project Director

St Pancras Operational Planning and Services

The British Library

London, WC1

3 October