LETTER: Lilley's demolition of the asylum process

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From Mr E. P. Mayne

Sir: Peter Lilley went on at length in his Blackpool speech about the abuse of the benefits system by alleged bogus asylum seekers. As an immigration consultant, I have as clients a small number of asylum seekers. Most of them have been waiting a long time for the Home Office to decide on their cases; some of these draw state benefits while the Home Office bureaucrats make up their minds about their future.

I have on my books a couple from a West African state who arrived in England in December 1987 and sought asylum. The wife at the time was pregnant and since they were granted limited leave of entry, they have become the parents of four children, the oldest of which will be eligible for British citizenship in two years' time. To date, the couple haven't even been interviewed.

While I accept that Mr Lilley does have a point, perhaps it might be prudent for him to direct his attacks towards the Home Secretary whose department is primarily responsible for this situation.

Yours faithfully,

E. P. Mayne

GPA Consultancy Services

Citizenship and Immigration


Guildford, Surrey