Letter: Lincoln Cathedral in the vanguard

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Sir: I can quite understand Andrew Brown's temptation to celebrate some of the Trollopian history of Lincoln ('Blue murder in the cathedral', 15 October), but feel rather sad that he has chosen to ignore the success stories and instead has reopened old wounds.

It is six years since the infamous Magna Carta allegations were initiated and it has to be borne in mind that, although a great deal has been said, most of the claims are still unsubstantiated. Since 1989 the Fabric Fund has taken its income from pounds 250,000 per annum to pounds 750,000 per annum, and the work we do on the Cathedral is a direct result of this income. To secure this funding, we have had to demonstrate our accountability and distance ourselves from the allegations, and this has not been easy. Mud, even unsubstantiated mud, does stick.

Andrew Brown's article throws no more light on the allegations but it does hit our fundraising efforts very directly. It would be nice to see an article in the wake of the Howe report which highlights Lincoln as it is: very much in the vanguard of innovation in terms of management organisation and the involvement of the laity.

Yours faithfully, ROGER PARSONS, Executive Director Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund Lincoln 20 October