Letter: Lincoln hits back

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Sir: As current undergraduate members of Lincoln College, Oxford, we would like to disabuse Glenda Cooper ("The lusty ways of St Hilda", 19 March) of her anachronistic impression of what life at a "nice, normal, mixed college" is like.

Lincolnites do not spend all their time in the bar, disavow all knowledge of "knot theory" and have as little acne as their St Hilda's peers. We club harder, write more books, and get more doctorates - as five minutes' study of the Norrington Table will demonstrate.

There are many good reasons why St. Hilda's should remain single-sex, but the fuzzy nostalgia with which Ms Cooper approaches the issue can do nothing for the college's cause.


(Junior Common Room President)


Lincoln College, Oxford

PS - But we do agree that Balliol is boring.