Letter: Link road's health and safety benefits

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Sir: Your editorial ('Protests illustrate political gridlock', 17 February) is wrong to say that the M11 extension will further damage the quality of life in East London.

Anyone who has ever visited the area can see the daily chaos caused by heavy through-traffic using residential streets. When completed, the M11 link road will take traffic off 17 such streets, including 80 per cent of the traffic that at present crawls along Leytonstone High Road at 7-8 miles per hour.

By removing this unsuitable traffic, the quality of life for residents will improve as noise pollution and vehicle emissions are reduced. There will also be a reduction in accidents to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

It is for these reasons that the scheme has been approved by three public inquiries, in the High Court and by the European Commission, as well as having much local


Yours faithfully,


Director, Movement for London

London, SE1