Letter: Live broadcast to sink pirates

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Sir: Since on present evidence there could soon be even pirated videos of the Christmas broadcast of the Queen on sale days before it is transmitted, perhaps the time has come for Her Majesty to revert to an earlier custom and present her address live from Sandringham (or wherever), even if it does mean postponing somewhat Christmas dinner with her family - those of it who can still be invited, that is.

In this way spontaneity and interest could be regained, and a feeling of closeness to her people recaptured. After all, pre-recording the Christmas speech is a somewhat sloppy device for the monarch to adopt on such an important occasion. If she can be televised speaking live from the US Senate, and from Parliament, Guildhall, etc, why should she not address us live on Christmas Day? With so much pre-recorded and canned material going out on that day, it would be nice to have something for real.

Yours faithfully,



Hereford and Worcester

2 February