Letter: London's dome

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London's dome

Sir: I note that the escalating cost of the Millennium Dome project is now estimated at pounds 750m - a bill aimed straight at taxpayers, whether they like it or not ("Dome planners add substance to style", 22 December).

It is a fact that the majority of national daily newspaper writers suffer a temporary blindness when out of sight of London Transport buses, and it is also a fact that the majority of the UK population does not live in the bottom right-hand corner of the country.

Bully for those who live in Greenwich, but what about the rest of us, many of whom would like to see all hospitals fully operational and up to strength, would like to see their children's schools raised to a consistently high standard, and may not actually care too much for an exhibition of "ideas"? Perhaps the "volumetrically bold" amount of our money could be invested in a more useful fashion?

The politicians may be listening, but I feel fairly sure that they are not hearing.


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire