Letter: Long memory of a caring society

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Sir: The letter from Paul Cooper, aged 25, is sad (26 August). His generation has grown up under a single party dominated government, which has distorted democracy.

The difference between the parties cannot be seen solely in their present "policies" but in their objectives and method of government and its application to all the people.

I am 75 and my first vote was cast at the end of a long, devastating war preceded by years of hardship and unemployment. Those who were young and lived through the war had the courage to use their first vote to express hope for the future. The post-war Labour government gradually fulfilled their hopes. It did not leave things to "market forces" but gave all people the opportunities to go forward and create an honest, secure life for themselves, providing care for the unfortunate.

When the NHS was introduced, many people, as we did, felt sufficiently confident to use our "rainy day" savings as a deposit on a home of our own and then to take up the educational opportunities available for our children to proceed to university and professional qualifications. When sudden rare illness struck we were not financially overwhelmed. At the end of a long life, living wisely, we are fortunately able to enjoy our last years without extra state aid.

After 18 years of continuous Tory government, in a time of long-term peace, the young people of today do not have a hopeful vision for their future or for their children's future. No wonder they are bewildered.

A Labour government will judge its policies on their fundamental belief in creating and maintaining a caring, responsible society for all the people.