Letter: Lost in the ether

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Sir: It was interesting to read the article ('Radio 2's proudest listener', 14 July) about Frances Line, controller of Radio 2, and how she is aiming for an audience age of 50-plus.

I am very curious to know what the BBC is doing for the 30 to 50 age group. Radio 1 caters for the younger person, Radio 2, as Ms Line stated, caters for the 50-plus age group, Radio 3 for the classical buff and, like Ms Line, I am not someone with degrees and a high intellect and therefore Radio 4 is out. I was a listener to the original Radio 5, which I found suited my taste in topics and music. But alas it has been replaced with a 24-hour news and sport station.

Listeners in my age group are in limbo. Where do we go? What can we listen to? Commercial radio, ugh]

Yours faithfully,



15 July