Letter: Lots of Liberals in Skipton

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your article on the editor of our local newspaper ('Editor ready to close a chapter on Old Lady of Skipton', 14 October) was most entertaining. Jack Heald is indeed something of a character and we all enjoy his colourful and earthy approach to journalism.

I was, however, surprised to learn from the article that 'most' of the paper's readership shared his views on 'capital punishment, flogging and National Service'. I do not know who these people are (the silent majority perhaps?) but I would not want your own readers to gain the impression that this part of Yorkshire is inhabited by Neanderthal Man.

Here we have a long and proud radical tradition. Over the years Liberal candidates have amassed substantial votes at general elections, won many county elections and gained control of the district council. In fact we barely tolerate the Tories and people who hold the views expressed (with the obvious exception of Jack]).

Yours faithfully,


Skipton, North Yorkshire