Letter: Lovely garden, but where's the shed?

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Sir: I live with my mother in an exotically designed block of flats with a beautiful, award-winning landscape garden, which my mother does not sit in because, in her words, 'I do not like all the windows looking at me.' The flat is modern and convenient with a view of the garden, a canal and a church, suitable for me because I'm not there all the time, but for my mother there is something lacking. In his article 'Spirited sheds foil the planners' (2 June), Jonathan Glancey threw enlightenment on this deficiency: no allotment and no shed.

I have now acquired an allotment, in the shadow of a crane factory, with a shed, which, in the words of Mr Glancey, 'has escaped the conceptual rigours of professional architects', where my mother will be able to sit happily in traditional down-to-earth English back garden seclusion.

Yours faithfully,


Loughborough, Leicestershire