Letter: Magazine with real girl power

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Sir: Ruth Padel is right to dislike the idea of "men setting my daughter a female image that's really been made by men" ("Puppy power for the Nineties", 10 June). But she is wrong to think that this is the case with the Spice Girls.

Howard Johnson actually "ghost wrote" less than an eighth of the official Girl Power book and I provided the rest of the copy, which was planned and dictated by the girls themselves. Similarly, they've already written and edited two issues of Spice (not Girl Power, as was mentioned), their own magazine, published by John Brown Publishing. As their co-editor (and female, when I last looked), I have worked closely with them since last summer and I am glad to be able to assure Ms Padel that they really are creatively independent in all areas of their careers.

The idea of men (or anyone) controlling them is risible - Simon Fuller, their manager, leaves the magazine completely up to them and they conceive, write and edit the whole thing, without a man in sight.

The result? Something real, for the fans. As they say: "Written by the Spice Girls, just for you." Believe it or not, it's true.




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