Letter: Major is now suitable

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Sir: Have your political observers reported to you the startling change in prime ministerial policy? The last two days of the Tory conference suddenly revealed two new suits for John Major, quite opposed to his past reputation for mid-grey-nothing-in-particularness. The first came in a rich, deep blue, the other in darkly assertive charcoal. Furthermore, both followed the currently emergent 'natural' silhouette, which has replaced the oversized vulgarities of the past decade, and were supported by a softer, long-point, shirt collar line. Mr Major is offering men as clear an examp1e in such terms as Margaret Thatcher offered the nation's women in her time.

The left is traditionally regardless of the formalities, of course, but the Major effect seemed greatly superior to the slightly Italianate indulgence of Tony Blair's roomier drape-shapes. Previously, Mr Major has been much criticised that in a Resolute Leader his embrace of sartorial non-commitment was a wrong image. Tory extremists will doubtless rejoice at his swing towards the right.

Your faithfully, JOHN TAYLOR Editor, British Style Magazine London, N7 15 October (Photograph omitted)