Letter: Major misses the real issue on Europe

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Sir: Andrew Marr is right to call the silence of the "timid pro- Europeans" a disgrace (article, 16 April). The "something" he pretends to have missed is of course the irrational feeling of fear and anger that so many people have when the word "Europe" is mentioned. It is interesting to note that few of these Eurosceptics (or at least, the ones I have met) actually know much about Europe. When they do find out, their attitude usually changes.

Curious that some people see a bit of Tory sleaze as a fair price to pay for their own increased prosperity, yet balk at adopting the euro even if that were to mean low fixed-interest mortgages and increased job security. Why? Because they do not want to "surrender sovereignty" to Johnny Foreigner. British sleaze is apparently preferable to any foreign influence, however decent.


Burnham, Buckinghamshire