Letter: Make supermarkets deliver our shopping

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Sir: Your leading article 'Halcyon days of the motorist are at an end' (26 September) expresses a favourable view of the Government's ruling that out-of-town shopping centres should be accessible by public transport. In fact, this ruling will do nothing to assist the essential reduction in car journeys, including shopping trips by car.

People use the car for shopping not only to reach the store but also to carry the shopping home. Public transport, however good, is of little help for this. The solution is the development of efficient delivery services. A range of different types already operate in some places here and abroad.

Competition between supermarkets should be via the quality of their delivery services, not their car parks and loss-leader petrol retailing.

Yours faithfully,


Transport Group

The High Wycombe Society

High Wycombe


29 September