Letter: Making a buzz about Bumblebee

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Sir: In her open letter 'Dear Paul Condon' (21 September) Mary Dejevsky levelled criticism at what she considered to be inadequate advertising of the Operation Bumblebee City Roadshow, which took place last week at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Far from a lack of pre-publicity, the event was widely advertised. Five thousand handbills were distributed via local police stations, and more than 10,000 posters were distributed for display throughout London, including BR and London Underground stations. Two news releases were sent to all national and local London newspapers. As Ms Dejevsky noted, the three-day event was also advertised on local radio.

She proposed that the recovered property be displayed according to the area in which it was lost rather than where it was found. If this was possible there would be no need for Operation Bumblebee Roadshows at all.

Tackling burglary is one of the Commissioner's priorities. The Metropolitan Police Service witnesses the distress caused by burglary daily, and Operation Bumblebee aims to reunite victims with their stolen property. A total of 26,000 people visited the roadshows, and nearly 400 victims of burglary claimed ownership.

Yours faithfully,


Met-Wide Operation Bumblebee Co-ordinator

Metropolitan Police Service

New Scotland Yard

London, SW1

22 September