Letter: Malaysian dam project funding

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Sir: Allegations in the British press regarding Malaysian government ministers have resulted in the Malaysian government reverting to its 'buy British last' policy ('Major tries to head off Malaysian trade war', 25 February). Not surprising as, apart from anything else, they genuinely cannot understand why our media cannot be controlled as is their own.

Surely the point is not that a deal was done (in order to safeguard jobs in the UK defence industry) but that funds were used from the Overseas Aid Budget to fulfil, in part, our side of the bargaining?

By the same token, we should not be so concerned about alleged 'appreciation' money that may or may not have been included in contract costings, or indeed to whom it may have been paid in Malaysia. What would be much more interesting to know is whether any Brits who were also close associates of our then British government ministers were also recipients of contract negotiating fees.

Yours faithfully,


Newbury, Berkshire