LETTER : Managing NHS

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Sir: Your correspondent Dr A M Hulme (Letters, 19 March) might do well to inquire about the training of those who carry the responsibility of managing at the sharp end of the NHS.

He would find that many such managers have undertaken the portering, auxiliary nursing and domestic tasks to which he refers, as part of their training, as well as observing the work of doctors and other health care professionals. Conversely, it is sadly true that medical training in this country has not given the opportunity for doctors to gain an understanding at an early stage of the task of managing the diverse organisations that make up the NHS.

However, many in the medical profession do see the need to work closely with their local managers to ensure that the public resources available in the NHS are used to the best possible effect for the benefit of the patients whom we serve.

N J Chapman

Chief Executive

West Dorset General

Hospitals NHS Trust

Dorchester, Dorset