Letter: Mandelson under friendly fire

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Letter: Mandelson under friendly fire

Sir: Last week Peter Mandelson was accused by Clare Short of being "a man in the dark". This week, Roy Hattersley complains that Mr Mandelson is "in the papers too often, on the television too often" ("Hattersley rails at Mandelson's profile" 19 August).

As I understand the matter, Peter Mandelson is a Member of Parliament and Labour frontbencher, charged by Tony Blair with responsibility for planning the general election campaign. Surely it is Mr Mandelson's job to put Labour's case in the media.

It seems a great shame that Roy Hattersley, at the end of a political career distinguished by sound judgement and loyalty, cannot let Labour's current leaders get on with the job of beating the Tories, free from "friendly fire".


Labour's prospective

parliamentary candidate

for Billericay

London W6