Letter: Manifesto for recovery: Gatt, housing market, monetary policy

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Sir: I studied carefully your manifesto for recovery and believe that the potent medicine which you prescribe for the cure of the country's ills is both relevant and necessary. However, I cannot help feeling that something is missing.

In their single-minded pursuit of stable prices the people at the top of this government have made emphatically the following solemn pronouncements:

On the misery of unemployment: 'A price well worth


On the devastation of bankruptcy and destitution: 'If it is not hurting it is not working.'

On the notion that the currency's external value may be allowed to ease: 'It would be a betrayal of our future.'

Should you not complement your admirable plan by advocating that the task be assigned to plausible leaders?

Yours faithfully,


London, SW20

22 October