Letter: Marketing Diana

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THE Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund may be in danger of squandering its greatest asset through the lack of an intelligent marketing strategy (report, 25 March). Brand marketing, of "names", is highly sophisticated and sound precedents exist which it would be perilous to ignore.

Consumer decisions are based on perceptions of status, style, performance and price, any one of which will dominate in any one spending decision. It is impossible to be all things to all men and women and broad-spectrum marketing is rarely viable beyond domestic consumables.

The retained images of Diana: of an elegant beauty, of a deeply caring human being who overcame huge personal problems to bring hope to others, are the vital asset in the trust of the Memorial Fund. It must understand its real potential and act accordingly. The price of failure will be a nine-day wonder which will do no-one, particularly the fund beneficiaries, any good.


Camberley, Surrey