Letter: Marking El Alamein

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Sir: Further to the letter from George Angeloglou (13 June), I would strongly support the view that the British Post Office should issue a commemorative stamp for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein on 23 October.

As a Platoon Commander, I had the leading platoon of Montgomery's army in South-east England during the invasion scare of 1941 and was ADC/PA to Field Marshal Lord Alexander during the desert battles from July 1942 to the capture of Tunis in 1943.

From my association with the two generals, as Liaison Officer between the 8th Army Commander and C-in-C 18th Army Group, I do not feel there would be ill-feeling among our German and Italian adversaries in North Africa.

El Alamein and Stalingrad were the turning points in the war and should be commemorated.

Yours faithfully,


Melbourne, Australia

10 July