Letter: Mass murderers must be tried

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THE EXCELLENT piece on Rwanda ('How could it happen?', 24 July) by Charles Richards had one serious error. In the answer to the question 'Just who are the 'rebels'?', Richards writes that the rebel organisation is known as the Rwanda Patriotic Front and that its Hutu chairman is Pasteur Bizimungu.

The organisation is known as the Rwandese Patriotic Front. It does have a Hutu as

its chairman, Colonel Alexis Kanyarenwe, who is now deputy Prime Minister in the transitional government.

Pasteur Bizimungu was Secretary for Informations and Documentation of the RPF before he was appointed President. He was to be the Minister for Internal Affairs according to the Arusha Accord signed last year between the RPF and the government.

Napoleon Abdulai

'Africa World Review'

London SE1