LETTER : McMenace

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Sir: During the recent "McLibel" case, one piece of evidence which confirms the burger chain's attitude to its customers has been overlooked. I refer of course to the blatant incitement to violence arising from its donation of "squirter guns", cleverly moulded in the shape of dinosaurs, to impressionable youngsters whose helpless parents have been cajoled into buying them McDonald's "Happy Meals".

These brightly-coloured and innocent-looking weapons have led to numerous unsavoury incidents in my own household, including water-fights in the hallway, the drenching of a brand-new sofa,and several threats of a quick shower to innocent passers-by, not to mention plenty of tears when the guilty parties are deprived of their newfound instruments of terror.

I therefore intend to launch a campaign for the withdrawal of McSquirters from distribution, or, failing that, to demand that adequate means of protection are offered to the poor souls who are funding their purchase. McUmbrellas, perhaps, or even McMacs?