Letter: Meanwhile, in the pub

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Sir: The latest proposals from Action on Smoking and Health ("Smokers face American-style prohibition", 10 November) raise the question of what the effect of prohibition would be on British pubs and restaurants.

In 1996, the Campaign for Real Ale published details of a survey on this issue, carried out by the East Midlands Brewing Association. This found that 53 per cent favoured the introduction of no-smoking areas, with the remainder against. Only 9 per cent supported a total ban - not so much a silent majority as a strident minority.

In Toronto, a US-style ban was partially relaxed because of a 30 per cent loss of business.

It is right to question the motivation of people who cannot or will not tolerate tobacco smoke and yet seek work in a pub. This is about as convincing a someone with acrophobia asking for a job as a steeplejack.



West Yorkshire