Letter: Media avoiding the blame

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Sir: The manner in which the media have deflected blame from themselves to the Windsors is appalling. After Earl Spencer's eulogy on Saturday all emphasis was placed on his oblique and measured comments on the Royal Family, which contrasted so sharply with his scathing attacks on the media.

I'm disgusted by the disgraceful way in which the media and apparently much of the British public has turned on the Royal Family during one of their darkest hours. It's a very odd ritual to crucify the Windsors as some sort of sacrifice to commemorate Diana's death. If Britain wants to get rid of the monarchy, fine. Just don't open the debate - which increasingly takes on the hysteria of a lynch mob - just after the mother of two of its members has been killed in an auto accident. The British public is either at the Queen's feet or at her throat.


London, W14