Letter: Mellor's record as Putney MP

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Sir: I write neither as an adjudicator of David Mellor's ministerial qualifications nor of his private life - but as one of his constituents. Mr Mellor has represented Putney for many years - and with good reason. Time and again he has shown his involvement in and concern for the place and its


Let me cite just two instances. An Afghan child with horrendous burns came to Putney for treatment at St Mary's Burns Unit. But for Mr Mellor's intervention, he would have been forced to return home, in great pain and to almost certain death.

More recently, a local sub-post office, used by many hundreds of elderly and infirm people, was brutishly closed by the Post Office. Mr Mellor is devoting considerable energies to having this decision rescinded.

Surely the quality of a Member of Parliament's service to his constituency is the only yardstick by which his ability to serve his country can be effectively measured.

How many considerable men and women are or have been similarly involved and yet continue to make a most valuable contribution both to society and to their families? Who knows whether this experience will not only strengthen a marriage but also give added sensitivity and depth to talents yet to reach their full


I sincerely hope both for the sake of David Mellor's family and for his constituency - also for the sake of our country's reputation for common sense and tolerance - that he will be allowed to continue in office, without further


Yours faithfully,


London, SW15

26 July