LETTER: Men have responsibilities in family life

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From Ms Annamaria Arlotta

Sir: Why is the urge to have a large family still so strong in this country that even when a mother cannot feed herself or her children properly, it still does not occur to her to avoid further pregnancies (report, 14 November)?

In Italy, where we used to have large families, it is rare to see more than two children per family (the average birth rate is 1.25 per family). We consider our children "quality products". They are, on the whole, elegantly dressed and well fed, there are nursery places for nearly everyone, and class sizes are small (my nephew was in a class of eightpupils at a state primary school in Florence last year). With two children, it is assumed that you have more time for them and more money to take care of all their needs.

Yours sincerely,

Annamaria Arlotta

Canterbury, Kent