LETTER: Merton's offers to Mabel Nash

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I WAS alarmed by your article on Mabel Nash, which was written without an approach to Merton Council ("Mabel a victim of stingy council", 22 October).

Merton assessed Mrs Nash in August when we were providing home care every morning, daytime and evening of the week.

Mrs Nash expressed a preference for a residential home that charges more than the council normally pays. The family were willing to pay the difference but Mrs Nash was unsure about entering residential care. We were unable to keep the vacancy open and this opportunity was lost.

Mrs Nash entered hospital in September following a fall and wanted more time to decide whether to enter residential care. She decided that she definitely wanted residential care on 10 October.

Mrs Nash refused a place in Sutton and asked for another home which costs pounds 320 per week. It was left with the family to decide whether they wished to pay the additional top-up fee. Merton was prepared to pay pounds 285, pounds 50 more than the standard.

However, Mrs Nash again decided against residential care and her family have now requested 24-hour home care, which we are currently discussing.

Contrary to your story, Sutton has a limit of pounds 220 while Kingston negotiates individual limits for residential care.

Tony Colman

Leader of Merton Council

Morden, Surrey