Letter: Michael Portillo's virtual reality leaves no room for the facts

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From Mr Simon Berger

Sir: I beg to disagree with your editorial criticism of Michael Portillo's speech ("Michael Portillo's shabby patriotism", 11 October). Although I am not a fan of the man or his right-wing views, there is merit in the view that we must not compromise the UK's independence to act as it sees fit in overseas matters, whether in co-operation with Europe, the United States or others.

I share Mr Portillo's view that closer integration of our foreign and defence policies into the European Union will only result in more vacillation and shameful compromise, not less.

We must be at liberty to pursue our own national spirit and moral identity, which may not coincide with those of our European partners. I am sceptical that an integrated EU policy in Bosnia would have produced better results than those limited prospects we see today.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Berger

London, N2