Letter: Military action in Sarajevo: false parallels, other cities and deadly claims

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Sir: The holy Muslim month of Ramadan starts next Friday. During last year's Ramadan, the Serbs inflicted one of their fiercest shellings on Sarajevo and other Bosnian cities. The Nato ultimatum to the Serbs to withdraw their heavy weapons around Sarajevo should be extended to the Croats and should include all other besieged cities, such as Srebrenica and Mostar, in which much worse atrocities are being committed without the advantage of extensive media coverage.

We do not want to see a repetition of what happened on Mount Igman last summer, when the Serbs withdrew a few units only to replace them later. The Nato deadline must stress the withdrawal of all weapons, not simply a start to the process, before it expires.

When Muslims all over the world begin their fast on Friday, their hearts and minds will be with their brethren in Bosnia who are not able to celebrate this occasion in peace and dignity.

Yours faithfully,



9 February