LETTER: Milk is a body fluid too Carnivores really do care

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JM Coetzee's article "Why we worry about meat" (10 December) was correct in describing many meat-eaters as liking to distance themselves from the animal origins of their food, but was careless in asserting distaste "for body fluids in their fluid state" - what about milk?

It is doubtful whether many Christians, Jews or Muslims would today wish to rely on the culinary advice of the author of Leviticus, any more than they would rely on his medical advice.

Nevertheless, most people would draw a line between what is acceptable to eat and what is not. I would suggest that the answer is that this comes from within, and is largely aesthetic. If Chinese peasants can thrive on dog, so can British bankers - but would probably choose not to.

Anyone who values human ideals will wish to know that animals killed to feed them were reared appropriately and slaughtered without cruelty. Those who say they would not wish animals killed to feed them under any circumstances must face the fact that the animals would then never be born; and the consequences for the dairy and wool industries would be traumatic.

James R Adams

Weybridge, Surrey