Letter: Millennium dome will pollute sky

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Millennium dome will pollute sky

Sir: An illuminated dome is being planned to hold the millennium exhibition at Greenwich, the theme of which is "time" (report, 1 November).

Greenwich has been chosen as it is considered the most significant place to deal with this theme. Greenwich is also the historical centre of astronomy in the UK, time and astronomy being inextricably linked.

Astronomers are fighting a rearguard action to defend as much of the night sky from light pollution as possible. By the end of next century there may be nowhere in this country where one can see the great beauty of the sky.

London is not rural England, but I have observed from Essex and Hertfordshire, and if claims about this dome are true, these environments will be affected. I would prefer the dome were not built, but if it is built I hope it will be lit up for the year 2000 party and not illuminated again until the year 3000.


Leeds, West Yorkshire